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Alpha Electro-Technology is a specialist engineering service, undertaking even the most complex of electrical power and control schemes, providing expertise in the analysis, development, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of MV and LV variable speed drives and electrical power systems primarily for oil and gas, marine and renewable energy generation schemes.

The Company offers expertise in:


α     Power Conversion LV and MV (Inverters, Rectifiers and Harmonic Filters.)

α    Diesel / Turbine Power Generation Systems.

α    Electrical Machines  – Induction, Synchronous and Permanent Magnet

     (1 kW to 50 MW)

α     Embedded generation schemes.

·       Tidal / River/  Wave / Wind Turbines.

·       Biogas / fuel synthesis

·       Gas storage / turbo expanders.

α    Marine Propulsion Systems.

α     Power Systems design and Interface (up to 132 kV).

α     Power Quality / Harmonics

α     Transient system responses.

α     Smart Micro Grids / Utilities

α     Transformers and specialised Magnetics.

α     Protection, Control and Monitoring systems.

α     Trouble-shooting.

α     Training.



An electrical engineering consultancy with over 40 years knowledge and experience of in the design of designing and building ‘state of the art’ complex power systems, offering a balance of theoretical, practical and commercial expertise, with a track record for delivery.